Countdown to the centenary
of the world’s first indepenedent airforce
and the future of securing peace

The Mission

How do you celebrate the 100th birthday of the oldest independent air force? By imagining where we might find ourselves in the next 100 years…

Just imagine if we received a distress call from space asking us to rendezvous on Mars. The idea of creating a virtual spacecraft propelling crew to a planet that has long fascinated the human race inspired us to create this exciting space adventure that will hopefully develop your skills and interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We’ve divided the Mission into six stages which will unfold over the next 6 months focused on the how, what and why of getting to Mars.

Using the aviation and engineering expertise of the Royal Air Force and Rolls-Royce, we’ll encourage you to look into the future and challenge the boundaries of what is currently possible using today’s technology. And inspired by the RAF’s motto of “through adversity to the stars”, we hope to unlock your pioneering spirit as we create a STARRSHIP called HOPE and embark on a daring Mission to Mars…