Countdown to the centenary
of the world’s first indepenedent airforce
and the future of securing peace

Learn Structure

Base Astra is a permanently manned protected facility, used to support Air & Space Operations.

Air & Space Command is the Command Structure that enables this.

Air & Space Command is headed by the Chief of Air & Space Command – Group Captain Townsend.

To enable Air & Space Operations, Group Captain Townsend requires input and support from a number of different specialisations.

These specialisations are grouped into 9 x Space Divisions (SD).


Chief of Air and Space Command

Space Division 1 –

Space Division 2 –

Space Division 3 –

Space Division 4 –
Engineering, Logistics & Medical

Space Division 5 –

Space Division 6 –
Communication & Information Systems

Space Division 7 –

Space Division 8 –
Finance & Human Resources

Space Division 9 –
Legal & Media