Countdown to the centenary
of the world’s first indepenedent airforce
and the future of securing peace

Earth Shuttle

The Earth Shuttle is the transport and cargo between earth and orbit. It has a dual purpose to shuttle cargo into Orbit to build the STARRSHIP and to act the space shuttle during the Mission to Mars.

Name: The Messenger
Job: Pilot
Role: Earth Shuttle Captain

Top Fact: Origin & Gender Unknown

Name: Squadron Leader Hugh Nichols
Job: RAF Pilot
Role: STARRSHIP Captain

Top Fact: Took a Subway Meatball Melt Sandwich on his first F35 transatlantic flight from US to UK.

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Name: Flight Lieutenant Kerry Bennett
Job: RAF Pilot
Role: STARRSHIP Co Pilot

Top Fact: Passionate about Scuba Diving and fascinated by how astronauts train for space walks in giant pools with life size space stations submerged in them. Actually been in the NEEMO underwater training facility - Aquarius habitat in Florida – where astronauts actually go to train!

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