Countdown to the centenary
of the world’s first indepenedent airforce
and the future of securing peace

Stage 2 Design & Build

Everything that Rolls-Royce makes and the RAF flies is the result of careful scientific, technological and mathematical thinking -
combined with a whole lot of engineering genius and a touch of artistry.

Propulsion Challenges
Over the course of our Mission to Mars we will be exploring a range of scientific, technological, engineering and maths challenges that we will need to overcome if we are to be successful. One of the toughest aspects of space exploration is providing sufficient energy to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and we only have a short time to transit to our Mars rendezvous. To begin with we want to get you familiar with air-breathing technology so check out the poster which describes the principles behind a jet engine. Then watch the videos which tell you not only how an engine works but how we go on to assemble and test them.